I. Leadership  Magyar_zaszlo


  • Lajos Veres Ph.D, college professor, Danube Strategy Director, College Of Dunaújváros, Regional Economics Ph.D

 Board members:

  • Ferenc Szávai Ph.D, economist, Ph.D of MTA, Rector of University of Kaposvár
  • László Gulyás Ph.D, college professor,honorary professor, Ph.D, University of Szeged
  • Géza Szabó Ph.D, head of department, associate professor, chartered geographer, Ph.D, tourism expert, University of Pécs
  • Attila Korompai Ph.D, Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Sándor Rohonczi, MBA enterprise management, M8-Dunahíd Ltd. executive
  • Róbert Czimbalmos Ph.D, MSc in Agricultural Engineering, GIS Engineer, University of Debrecen RIEF Karcag Research Institute
  • Gabriella Tisza, Labor market consultant, National Spatial Development Civil Reconciliation Forum, vice-chairman

Members of the Supervisory Board:

  • Mónika Hartl, Chairman of Marketing Committee, National Association of Hungarian Wine Orders
  • József Káposzta Ph.D, associate professor, Rector, Szent István University
  • József Kóródi Ph.D, economist, Ph.D of MTA

Members of the Ethics Committee:

  • László Herald chartered architect, Executive Director, Radiáns Ltd.
  • István Vadász Ph.D, Csc, Geography PhD, museologist, Kiss Pal Museum, Tiszafüred
  • György Misurdiplomat, retired Italian-Hungarian Embassy

III. Members

In May 2013 SASD pools around 70 members. Among them many of the most recognised and experienced actors concerning territorial development and environmental management in Hungary. However this number is still not final as new members join SASD each month.

IV. Partnership

SASD maintains contact with the following national professional organizations in Hungary:

  • Hungarian Logistic Association,
  • National Federation of Environmental Suppliers and Manufacturers,
  • Federation of Technical and Scientific Societies,
  • Cooperation Forum of Danube Region Cities,
  • Association of Lower Danube Municipalities for Cooperation.

International relationship:

Operating in one of the countries that have joined the European Union in 2004, SASD is familiar with the specific problems affecting new member states.

Through our members and member organizations we have widespread relationships with organizations and institutions from both other new member states (Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria,) and candidate countries (Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine) deriving from our geographic location in the border areas of the European Union.

SASD maintains contacts with organizations from the EU15 countries as well including Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany and Greece.

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